The steps to your new job

We aim for the seamless match. It starts with a meticulous application process.


The Initial Contact

It’s imperative to us that we get to know each other well. As soon as you apply with us or request non-committal career advice, we will get in touch with you over the phone to schedule an introduction. This introduction can occur through an online video chat or an in-person meeting at one of our offices, tailored entirely to your preferences.

Transparent Process

Transparency is a virtue we uphold. Through our platform, you have 24/7 access to the status of your application process(es). You can easily upload your portfolio and provide crucial details such as salary expectations, travel distance, and availability. Additionally, you can fill out a short test for a personal profile analysis and share relevant information.


The First Conversation

During the introductory meeting, we delve into the specifics of the job opening or your pursuit of a new career. At Betaselect, we recognize that each individual is unique. We desire to know not just your professional side but who you are as a person. What invigorates you? What is your ideal work-life balance? What career goals do you aspire to achieve? We take ample time to truly get to know each other. We discuss not only your education, work experience, and competencies but also your dreams and ambitions. Moreover, we will discuss any data you have shared with us in advance.

Introduction to Our Partner Company

If there appears to be a mutual match, we introduce you to the hiring manager of our partner. We also discuss potential other career opportunities within our network of esteemed partners. You remain in full control and decide where you wish to be introduced. At Betaselect, we never take action without your consent. Additionally, our online portal provides you real-time insight into the recruitment process, so you're always informed.


The second conversation (with a tour)

If you are invited for a second conversation by our partner, you will meet your prospective colleagues in the department and receive an extensive tour on-site. This way, you obtain a comprehensive understanding of the work environment, the ambiance, and the technology. We stand by you in this phase to support you throughout the process, from application tips during preparation to who will interview you and what the process will entail. This ensures that you enter the second conversation with confidence, armed with all the information.

Contract Offer

If the application process concludes positively, you will receive one (or more) offers. Once you have accepted the offer, we will sign the employment contracts, and we will have something to celebrate. Make some room in your fridge!


Welcome, Colleague!

At Betaselect, we ensure a smooth start to your new job. Here, you are not just a number, but a valued member of our team. We invest in your growth and development, ensuring you quickly feel at home in your new work environment.

Take advantage of our study budget, personal development plans, and a tight-knit safety net of colleagues always ready to support you. Together, we cultivate an environment where you can thrive and excel.

Takeover by partner

We only consider a match truly successful when the acquisition by the partner company is completed, what we refer to as the 'seamless match'. This marks the culmination of a successful collaboration period and, simultaneously, serves as a launchpad for you into a new phase at the partner company. Here, your skills and ambitions are given the space to fully flourish.

Welcome to Betaselect, where your success is our success!