Who we are

Betaselect is a specialized staffing company in the technical sector. We are experts in connecting technical professionals, or "betas", with the right jobs within our partner network.

As a beta, we consider everyone who (with at least an MBO4 education) works in a technical function, such as engineers, project managers, job preparers, team leaders, technicians and draftsmen.

Who we are
What we do

What we do

Our goal is to create a seamless match that fits perfectly not only now, but also in the future. Like other betas, we prefer to approach matters in an objective and factual way. With the help of technology, we ensure a transparent and fair recruitment process.

We offer our professionals the certainty of a contract, with a declaration of intent to convert this into a permanent employment contract when performing well. The evidence speaks for itself: no less than 90% of our matches result in a permanent employment contract at our partner companies after the secondment.

How we work

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We work together with carefully selected partner companies. We are seen by them as an extension of their own HR department. We work with our partners based on a joint long-term vision. In this way, we can offer our professionals the best opportunities in the market.

We have our legal affairs excellently in order. We are fully NEN4400-1 and SNA certified. Our VCU certification shows that we as an employer take technical safety seriously. We only work with partner companies who feel the same way about this.

Moreover, Betaselect is a recognized IND sponsor, which means we are fully authorized to bring highly skilled international talent to the Netherlands. This recognition underscores our reliability and professionalism, not only at the national level but also in international labor mediation. With this status, we guarantee a smooth and compliant immigration process for foreign talent, enabling us to search more broadly for the right candidates for our partners.

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