MRO technician

Oude Meer, NL
€2830 to €4612
MBO 4 / Techniek - Luchtvaart

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Oude Meer
€2830 tot €4612
MBO 4 / Techniek - Luchtvaart

Are you an experienced mechanic and are you interested in airplanes? Would you like to work with advanced technology at a maintenance shop? Apply for the IDG Repair technician vacancy in Oude Meer / Schiphol at Betaselect.

Your responsibilities

As a mechanical technician, you will be responsible for repairing and overhauling power generators (IDGs) from the maintenance shop at Schiphol. You will work in a team of 14 motivated and skilled mechanics.

As a IDG Repair technician, you will play a key role in the repair, overhaul, and modification of components that generate power in an aircraft (AC and DC). You will test and inspect the IDG upon arrival using a complex and automated test bench. After a detailed analysis, you will start with the overhaul and repair to solve identified problems, mainly mechanical, such as gears and shafts.

If you enjoy working on complex mechanical technology, working on these components is a great opportunity!

What is an IDG exactly?
Power generators (IDGs) in aircrafts are connected to the aircraft engines. These power generators must be in excellent condition, as almost every electrical system in the aircraft depends on them.

An IDG (Integrated Drive Generator) is essentially an oil-cooled drive generator and a constant speed drive (CSD) in the same housing. A CSD is a type of transmission that delivers a constant output to the output shaft (despite varying input). This shaft rotates at a constant speed of 12,000 rpm, almost as much as the engines in Formula 1 cars! An IDG is part of various aircraft types such as the 737, A320, A330neo, and 777.

Your work environment

You will work in a dynamic and internationally oriented environment with locations in Europe, Asia, and America. The organization has one goal: to exceed reliability expectations to keep aircrafts where they belong, up in the air.

Your skills

To perform the role of IDG Repair Technician, we expect the following from you:

  • A diploma at MBO3/4 level, for example in aviation technology, mechanical engineering, automotive, or similar;
  • Relevant work experience in repair and maintenance;
  • A team player with good administrative skills;
  • Experience with aircraft parts, aircraft maintenance (Part-66), or in aircraft construction, but this is absolutely not a requirement.

Our offer

We offer you a responsible role where your work contributes directly to the safe transport of people worldwide.

What else do we offer?

  • A one-year contract with the intention for a permanent contract;
  • An excellent salary. Scale between €2830 and €4612(depending on knowledge and experience);
  • Annual 27 vacation days + 13 ADV days;
  • Excellent secondary employment conditions;
  • Extensive growth and training opportunities.

Reasons why this is (not) the job for you!

Why it’s suitable

Yes, if you are intersted in airplanes
Yes, if you like working on complex mechanical technology

Why it’s maybe not

No, if you dislike rules and procedures

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We not only appreciate your dedication and skills, but also express this with a competitive salary. By default, this includes 8.33% holiday pay and a generous reimbursement for your travel expenses.

Job security

We will provide you with a contract along with a letter of intent to convert it into a permanent employment agreement, subject to satisfactory performance.

Personal development

We believe in investing in personal and professional growth. That is why you will receive a training budget that you can use.

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Contact person

Kim Oostendorp

Kim Oostendorp

Lead talent advisor